July 2016 Tennessee Bar Results: 5 out of 6 Tennessee Law Schools Exceed 70%, Nashville School of Law Musters Just 28%

The July 2016 bar exam results are out!  Vanderbilt remains on top with a 92.68% passage rate (100% for those re-taking the exam), but fully five out of six Tennessee law schools boasted an impressive overall passage rate exceeding 70%.  The outlying school, unfortunately, was Nashville School of Law (NSL), which mustered an overall passage rate of just 28.46% (only 21.43% for re-takers).  july-2016-bar-statistics

Regrettably, NSL’s poor performance represents an even further decline from its already troubling performance on the February 2016 bar exam.  This is also the fourth poor result for Nashville School of Law in a row since the school attained new leadership and pledged to boost its passage rate above what was then 65%-70%.

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