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February 2017 Tennessee Bar Results: Vanderbilt 100%, NSL 36%, Others Hover around 50%

It’s that time of year again, and the February 2017 bar exam results are out.  378 law school graduates took the February 2017 exam, which had an overall passage rate of 47%.  Applicants from Tennessee’s law schools[1] fared as follows:

Vanderbilt remained on top with a 100% passage rate for both first-time takers and re-takers.  By contrast, Nashville School of Law brought up the rear again with an overall passage rate of just 36% (a respectable 55% of NSL’s first-time takers passed the exam, but 76% of NSL’s re-takers failed it).  Belmont, Memphis, and UT boasted overall passage rates of 58%, 54%, and 50%, respectively.  Complete results from the February 2017 exam appear below.

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[1]  Because only one Duncan student took the exam, Duncan is omitted from this analysis, but Duncan’s only taker was unsuccessful.